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In the Cheyenne S. D. A. Church History published in l998 by one of our long-time members, Margaret Olson, we are told the first Cheyenne church school was held in 1918 with Ida Anderson as the school’s first teacher. School was held in an old store building on the South side of Cheyenne for just one year with seven to eleven students in attendance. The number of students varied during the year as families moved and students were pulled out of class to help with the farming and ranching needs.


On August 14, 1953, at a church board meeting, Cliff Altstadt entertained a motion to find a good teacher and start another church school. In 1953 a room was added to the Randall Boulevard Church structure. Most of the building project was completed with labor by the church members. Mr. Henry Keiper was the first teacher in the new structure in 1954. The school remained in the Randall location from 1954 to 1968 when it was moved to the current church. Class was held in the classroom on the South side of the church basement. Later when enrollment increased the school was moved across the hall to the North classroom as that room was a little larger.


In May 1976 discussions began about the need of another building for the school and an area that could accommodate socials and other gatherings. The existing school building/gym was ordered, the foundation poured, the structure set up and enclosed prior to Pastor Ervin Furne taking a call to another church in Colorado. Unfortunately, the building sat idle for about a year when Dick Mason took on the completion of the project. The building was dedicated on January 30, 1982, with a special banquet with conference leaders in attendance. The dedication was possible with generous donations from members and the sale of a small strip of land to the West to Tom’s Garden Spot. The school moved to the new building right at the beginning of 1982 with Gloria Arehart as the first teacher in the new facility. She taught until 1984.


On May 4, 1998, at a Church Business Meeting Margaret Olson made the motion to rename the school the Laura E. Mason Christian Academy in honor of Laura’s lifelong dedication to the Cheyenne Church and School. The Cheyenne Church has been, and continues to be the backbone of the school, with church members donating their time and resources to the betterment of the school. It is the school’s mission to reach into the church and community bringing the love of God to all, especially the students entering its doors.

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