Sunburst- In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  The  sunburst represents the Son of God, the Word who is the very foundation of Adventist education.

Three Stars- The three stars represent the three aspects of the whole student: healthy mind, body, and soul.

Rising Star - We are preparing our students to develop their full potential for service by inspiring, challenging, and empowering them with Christ as their mentor for this life and the life to come.

Reaching Scholar - Rising from the foundations of success, our students will graduate from our hallowed halls having focused on the blueprint of Adventist Education - Imagio Dei - where daily they will be taught to be creative, critical thinkers on a journey to excellence

Book with Adventist Flame - A GREAT school increases the quality of the schools rigor and relevance so every child attending has access to an education that is God-centered; Results oriented, in an Environment that nurtures; Aligned with Adventist content standards; and is a Team effort between the home, the church, and the school

Adoption - To modernize our brand for the 21st Century, our logo was created by Dr. Michael Cookenmaster in August 2020, and adopted by the LEMCA school board the same month.